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Disc One

Teen Idles - Get Up and Go
The Untouchables - Nic Fit
State of Alert - Public Defender
Minor Threat - Screaming at a Wall
Void - Dehumanized
Youth Brigade - Barbed Wire
Government Issue - Rock 'n' Roll Bullshit
Scream - Fight/American Justice
Iron Cross - Live for Now
Red C - Pressure's On
Deadline - Stolen Youth
Artificial Peace - Suburban Wasteland
Faith - Subject to Change
Skewbald - Sorry/Change for the Same
Marginal Man - Missing Rungs
Gray Matter - Oscar's Eye

Rites of Spring - Drink Deep

Drink deep, it's just a taste,
And it might not come this way again,
I believe in moments, transparent moment,
Moments in grace when you've got to stake your faith

(but why do I confine, when all I want is release?)

It moves inside you, it stays outside you,
and its not something that I could prove,
or could chose, to be moved.
Yes its a promise, and its a threat,
and its not something that I'll let you for get,
not just yet, not just yet

(but why do I chase when all I want is near?)

If its not the rule then its always the case,
good intentions get fractured, good intentions get replaced,
so close to reach but so hard to hold,
the only chance you get is past your control, it's so hard, it's so hard.

Drink deep, its just a taste and it might not come this way again,
time to surrender, sweet surrender
Of all things in time, all things one place, one place.
Beefeater - Just Things
The Snakes - Snake Rap

Dag Nasty - Circles

Music and lyrics by Brian Baker.

I wouldn't speak my mind
I didn't want to make them mad
I looked up to them
for the courage I thought I didn't have
I never bothered to lift a finger to make my point
now I'm spelling it out
and nobody's listening
it's hard to take it to heart
it hurts to be apart
but I can't watch and not be heard
the days go by and things get worse
but they say they can only get better
I try to make a dent
but it blends in with all the damage
I try to look the other way
but there's a mirror behind me
I see images of what can be done
it seems like I'm the only one
I wouldn't speak my mind

Embrace - Money

I can truly say I don't give
A fuck about your money
Because it means so much to you
(And all your money)
Why does it mean so much to you?
You speak the land of greed
I'm talking a world of need
Money has nothing to do
With the value of life
But that's just common sense

You call me up and talk
About money
I don't want to hear anymore
About money

Look what people do
Trying to get their money
To buy their fantasies based on
The book or the movie
Fortified cares
Modified principles
Convenience is the name of the game
Self-indulgence is the rule (selfish motherfucker)
There are no winners
We all lose
Thanks for nothing

You put yourself up for sale
You're all sold out
Soulside - Punch the Geek
Egg Hunt - We All Fall Down
One Last Wish - This Time
Fire - Party Cake

Ignition - Rebuilding

Another dream is broken
like glass against the wall
I pick up a piece as a token
it cuts deep as I fall

Rising up from the ruins
rebuilding the fallen wall
Another repeat of defeat?
or a chance to see it all

This time could be dufferent
The balance is not so delicate
and I know what not to touch

And though I know my history
and I don't fell I'm condemned
I've learn the facts and reality
Life is so easy to spend
Dreams are so hard to earn

Where's no point in trying
to reach the unattainable
but there's no excuse in denying
that your past was, present is, future holds

Seems we all live in fast forward
and we all want to press rewind
but your life is a one way cycle
you're born, you're live, you're die
Three - Domino Days
Shudder to Think - Red House
Happy Go Licky - Twist and Shout

Disc Two

Fugazi - Blueprint
Lungfish - Friend to Friend in Endtime
Fidelity - Jones Destructor
The Nation of Ulysses - Spectra Sonic Sound
Holy Rollers - Perfect Sleeper
Jawbox - Motorist
Severin - People are Wrong
The High-Back - Chairs Summer
Autoclave - I'll Take You Down
Circus Lupus - Pop Man
Branch Manager - Mr. Weekend
Slant 6 - What Kind of Monster Are You?
Hoover - Cable
Trusty - Goodbye, Dr. Fate
Smart Went Crazy - A Good Day

The Crownhate Ruin - Piss Alley

Watch some things come down hard
Not unlike rain
Moving pictures in the night closing on me
They ran bare-chested to hold up pride
He takes her back inside
He closed his hard hands tight around her
And said so much
Not intimately
She flinches against his touch
Unless stricken
She turns against her son
The Warmers - Poked it With a Stick
The Make-Up - They Live By Night
Bluetip - Castanet
Faraquet - Cut Self Not
Q and Not U - Hooray for Humans

Disc Three (unreleased)

Teen Idles - Get Up and Go
Teen Idles - Deadhead
Untouchables - Stepping Stone
State Of Alert - Draw Blank
Minor Threat - Straight Edge
Minor Threat - Understand
Government Issue - Snubbing
Government Issue - Asshole
Minor Threat - Asshole Dub
Youth Brigade - I Object
Rozzlyn Rangers - Rozzlyn Rangers
Void - Black, Jewish and Poor
Void - Authority
Scream - Search for Employment
Deadline - No Revolution
Faith - No Choice
Marginal - Man Manipulator
Dag Nasty - All Ages Show
Fugazi - The Word
Fugazi - Burning

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