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Allen Ginsberg - Put Down Your Cigarette Rag
Susie Wood - Only Our Shadows
Bill Brymer - Map Of the River
The blueberries - Movement
Jennifer Fuller - Ascension
Ars Femina Ensemble - Sonata in A Major (adagio) by Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet De La Guerre
E. Ethelbery Miller - Angela
Rodan - Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto
Johan Cloete - Celebration
Amiri Baraka - tom Ass Clarence
Crain - Knock Yr Daylights Out
Andrew Hinton - Super America
Bush League - Close
Sunspring - First Sip Of Coffee
W. Loran Smith - Big Sur
Hula Hoop - Trouble And His Dog
Slo-Pok - Achetzen
Umar Aki Williams - Midnight Gazee
10 Foot Pole - Call Out Your Name

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