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Pink Aftershock - Dreams
Substance - Undertow
Spot - Skate For Fun
Kinghorse - Bastards Like Me
Endpoint - Thought You Were
Cerebellum - Fire
Slambang Vanilla - Mexicana Mama
Jawbox - Bullet Park
Crawdad - Gone
Crain - Proposed Production
Pope Lick - Bardstown Road
Sister Shannon - Haint
Hopscotch Army - Souls
King G & The J Krew - Freakazoid Etc.

Sunspring - Magnet

I used to care so much, my God, I used to care so much. But now I'm not really even sure what it was even all about. New people come around, you know, and I just connect. I guess there's not much yesterday in my future now. For us the streets are pathways, we'd never think to live there. Everyone's purpose is stronger than their serving of it. Their standing is a place so much weaker than their abilities. For boys and girls like us, the kids of Louisville, Kentucky. This is who we are, we are this beat.
Ennui - 34 Page Book
Rodan - Toothfairy Retribution Manifesto
LG&E - Fifth
Metroschifter - Flat
The Telephone Man - Automatic Pilot

Falling Forward - Christensen Spring

years are slowly liver are changing say goodbye to all that would stay the same lives all of us are fading let's drop the torch form a line and burn down the place this time we sought for something greater we started out bright but tarnished with age why follow broken angels let's cut the line lock the door and just walk away see all my lies are written down scared to know the face I've only spoke of feel all our lives on common ground we feed upon ourselves to keep us higher we see the truth but close our eyes smile on our face now it's time to fuel the fire let's drop the torch form a line and burn down this place

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