Albums:Slamdek Merry Cristmas 1990


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Side A

Sister Shannon - Goreman
Downpour - Defense
Crain - Drain
Slambang Vanilla - Ricky!
Bush League - Bain
Spot - Paving Your Way
Pope Lick - Is That The Easter Bunny?
Hopscotch Army - Sundown
Lettuce Prey - Undermine
Rain Chorus - Michael
Endpoint - Endpoint Outro

Side B

7 More Seconds - In Your Face
Cerebellum - Grimace
Lunge Engage - Ode To A Chick
King G and the J Krew - Did I Do Something Wrong?
Kill The Man With The Ball - Christmas Straightedge
The Inside of a Shoe - The Inside of a Shoe
Deathwatch - Invent A Law
Pope Lick - Bardstown Road
Doodangers - I, The Jury
Crawdad - Limbs
Crawdad - Wally
Daisybrain - Angels Crawl

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