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Deathwatch - Ignorance
Deathwatch - Downfall
Deathwatch - Wool
Deathwatch - Dignity

Endpoint - Promise

You act so bold.
What are you scared of, my words?
You think I'm right,
but your ego stands so tall.
Hide it away,
beneath walls of anger.
Fear me you say,
but I don't feel what's not there.

You're in the eye,
you try to use it, don't you?
You never cradled me,
you never gave me a thing.
You wear a mask,
it's painted black and silver.
You know I know,
inside you're black and blue.

You'd never know, but I've been through that door before.
And I promise that I will never let you fall.

Open your eyes, realize you're falling, and know I'll be there.
Just let go, I promise I will never let you fall.

Been down that road before,
and i've opened up and closed my own doors.
I've been down that road called hate.
Woke up cold, alone and desolate.
I promise that I will never let you fall.

Endpoint - Priorities

Love is gone locked from your heart.
Lust is strong, it's all you feel.
Close your eyes for selfish pleasure.
You broke her will.

Relationship, a mountain we climbed. Fell to an immoral world.
Close your mind to all commitment. Your addicted to yourself.

Far too many backs you've broken.
Far too many wounds to heal.
When you find someone special.
Ask is it real.

Your touched her cheek. Cannot hold back.
You broke her will. And she's never coming back.
Your Face - Magenta Bent
Your Face - Old Hat New Hat
Sister Shannon - Carolina
Sister Shannon - Haint
Sister Shannon - Goreman


Sunspring - Don't Just Stand There
Sunspring - Silver Spring
Sunspring - Kendall
Sunspring - Faceless

Sunspring - Magnet

I used to care so much, my God, I used to care so much. But now I'm not really even sure what it was even all about. New people come around, you know, and I just connect. I guess there's not much yesterday in my future now. For us the streets are pathways, we'd never think to live there. Everyone's purpose is stronger than their serving of it. Their standing is a place so much weaker than their abilities. For boys and girls like us, the kids of Louisville, Kentucky. This is who we are, we are this beat.
Sunspring - Christmas Morning
Sunspring - Street
LG&E - First
LG&E - Second
LG&E - Third


Ennui - Slugs
Ennui - Two Headed Cow
Ennui - Ennui
Ennui - Gun?
Ennui - Alkaline
Ennui - 34 Page Book
Ennui - Translucent


Jawbox - Twister
Jawbox - Ballast
Jawbox - Bullet Park
Jawbox - Tools & Chrome
Jawbox - Secret History
Crain - The Fuse
Crain - Proposed Production

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