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All the information on this site is property of its creators and copyright owners. You can access the source by heading to Links page Credit section, or via external links referenced on page itself. There's no any free download or selling anything on this site, except music which were sent me directly by band members for storing purposes.

All lyrics and sleeves belongs to copyright holders. Please choose what you like and go support them by buying their great music. I don't post links to the source of lyrics, because these sites is not copyright owners of these lyrics, usually owner is band itself.

All History articles belongs to writers, you can read source via reference prooflink. Although i use the right to compile information into organized story.

The purpose of this site is educational exclusively, also i want to promote DIY emo somehow. Any words that may harm oneself will be immediately erased. (in fact i even avoid any critical reviews)

But if you are copyright owner and want me to delete your property from my site - contact me (

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