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I don't want power & I don't need fame
It just don't matter if you know my name
I'll take anything - I just don't care
You don't know me? Christ you see me everywhere



twitter - every small notices and updates.


Collecting information

Main style is underground emopunk of any kind, time and origin:
revolution summer bands, emocore.
classical american 90'th emo.
hardcore emo
closely related bands, created by important emo-scene musicians.
Bands they plays after quitting emo-project. Usually they play indie, melodic punk, pure hardcore or punk, or on the other side - chaotic experimental noise ambiemt. (Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, The Locust, Oswego)
old school pre-emo D.C. hardcore (The Faith, Minor Threat, Second Wind)
bands they were playing together with usually (Jenny Piccolo, EndPoint, Rorschach).
melodic hardcore (Underoath, Alexisonfire)
m*ll-emo bands are NOT supposed to have a place here. It is strange to promote profitable bands on non-profit site!

So, if you want to help me, please download this Excel table, use it as example, fill in with info about desired band and then send it to You can open this file with OpenOffice. Also, complete it with attached band photo and album sleeves.

Acquiring Login

Well. My wiki has complicated structure, so there's no much to do even if you acquire login. Only if you will have patience to understand my wiki format. Nevertheless i'll give you login, if you do collect info about some bands.

Some tips.

If album has typed lyrics, then if you go to 'View' link, album opens on separated page and lyrics will be attached under album information table in songlist order.

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