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Photo: Dag Nasty
Photo: Dag Nasty
Genre Lyrical theme
East Coast Emocore personal
Origin Label
Washington D.C., USA Dischord Records, Giant Records / We Bite Records (Europe), Epitaph Records, Revelation Records
Years active Status
Summer 1985 - 1988, 1992, 2002 On hold, studio project

Brian Baker - guitar (bass - Minor Threat, Bad Religion, countless session contributions)

Dave Smalley - vocal {guitar/vocal - Down By Law, Sharpshooters)

Colin Sears - drums (Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, Los Vampiros, Rumblepuppy, Alloy, The Marshes, Handgun Bravado)

Roger Marbury - bass (Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, Bloodbats, Los Vampiros, Alloy)

Former Members

Peter Cortner - vocal (Los Vampiros, Bad Religion, countless session contributions)

Shawn Brown - vocal {Swiz, Blood Bats, Sweetbelly Freakdown, Jesuseater)

Doug Carrion - bass (session, producer)

Scott Garrett - drums (Body Count, The Cult, sessions)

London May - drums on "Wig Out at Denko's" tour, summer 1987 (Reptile House, Samhain, Dead, White and Blue, Distorted Pony, Tiger Army)

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