Songs:After Taste


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I woke this morning to a brand new day.
The pain inside my head had not yet gone away.
I bit my lip and prayed it was a dream.
If i could have just one more time,
i know i'd find a piece of mind.
If we left what you had said behind,
and i had one more day with you.
One and one, yeah it makes two,
but too much pain has come from you.
Say you lied and i'm a fool,
and just give one more day with you.

The bell rings loudly and it's half past noon.
I hide beneath the sheers to face the world it's oh too soon.
The sunlight through my window tells me to move on.
But i can't seem to shake this sleep ever since you've gone.

My dreams fell sharply to the ground
and the pieces scattered miles apart.
The flesh is cold the mind is tired,
a fitting casket for the heart.
I can feel the after taste.
I can feel what i went through and i don't know when those are just flashing memories.
I can feel the after taste of you.

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