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You act so bold.
What are you scared of, my words?
You think I'm right,
but your ego stands so tall.
Hide it away,
beneath walls of anger.
Fear me you say,
but I don't feel what's not there.

You're in the eye,
you try to use it, don't you?
You never cradled me,
you never gave me a thing.
You wear a mask,
it's painted black and silver.
You know I know,
inside you're black and blue.

You'd never know, but I've been through that door before.
And I promise that I will never let you fall.

Open your eyes, realize you're falling, and know I'll be there.
Just let go, I promise I will never let you fall.

Been down that road before,
and i've opened up and closed my own doors.
I've been down that road called hate.
Woke up cold, alone and desolate.
I promise that I will never let you fall.

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